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    VMmark3 cannot recreate a client VM?

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      in my client and test VMmark3 environment i had 5 tiles VMs provisioned

      but one of the client VM, which is the Client2(belongs to tiles3) had some issues so i deleted it and try to recreate.


      the problem is that the provisioning process ended early with such errors:

      INFO MAIN:Existing VM Client2 not found or not powered on

      ERROR MAIN: Starting Tile 5: ProvisioningNumTiles 5: No work to be donw, delete VMs if you wish to recreate them or increase the ProvisioninNumTiles value


      the client2 was absolutely deleted in the vCenter by me but the VMmark is unable to recreate the client VM again.

      i tried several times of the provisioning, and checked the parameters in the VMmark3.properties file with caution, still no help.


      does anyone know why VMmark couldn't recreate a client VM? is it a bug?