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    Unable to download NSX upgrade bundle.

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          jasnyder Expert

          I am not having this problem.  I am guessing the error you're receiving is correct - perhaps your maintenance contract expired prior to the release of the update (which was 11/16/2017).  Please check your licenses by going to Products --> License Keys and selecting a folder with NSX keys in it.  Then find a key, expand it by clicking it and see if your support is listed as current.  Here is one that is not current:



          It also may look like this:




          Note the support end date in the past.


          If think you should have one that's current, but don't, then you should check with your VMware rep about getting the licenses assigned to your account.  The reseller usually adds whoever is on the contract/PO when a purchase is made and there's an administrator who can request to get you assigned to the keys.  Also a VMware TAM can help if you have one.

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            Sateesh_vCloud Hot Shot

            I assume you downloaded this software earlier - if yes try to contact your Global support/TAM to validate your access/permissions for your ID