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    VM/Host Groups & Rules --> can I automate the placement of new VM's in my VM Group

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      For vSAN stretched cluster to work properly, you are required to configure VM-Host affinity rules:


      Chapter 9 explains this:




      Host Groups (2 groups - adding hosts at each "data" site in its respective fault domain in each group)


      VM Groups (adding in all VM’s you want to reside in Which Group/site) so that the VM’s you want to stay at one site stay on those hosts



      I am looking for a way to automatically place new Virtual Machines that get created in a specific group. 


      We are using Instant Clone functionality with Horizon View, therefore we will have different VM's created randomly at different times.  I do not want to have to go into the VM Group manually and add all of my new Virtual Machines to the VM Group everyday.


      We have a primary site that we will want all of our VDI VM's runninng on and the secondary site for a failover scenario.  We want to keep the VM's at the *preferred* site and have them automatically get placed in the VM Group.


      I have seen people using Powercli scripts for this, but that is not optimal.