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    Cannot Install Ubuntu 16.04.2 or higher on Windows 10 VMWare Workstation Pro 12

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      Here is my problem: I can create virtual machines using Ubuntu version 16.04.1, but if I use a later version (16.04.2, 16.04.3, or 17.10), the installation fails. I am just performing a typical install, selecting the OS, giving it one core and 1 GB of RAM and having VMWare install it. Nothing fancy. Here are the errors that occur during installation. Note, I have not found a pattern; each different VM gets stuck on one of these randomly.

      • Before installation begins, the error message "cpufreq_online: Failed to initialize policy for cpu# almost always pops up.
      • Installation does not begin; the VM gets stuck on a pink/purple page that says "Ubuntu" and a few loading dots.
      • Installation begins but quits for any random reason, including "Dependency failed for Swap", to name a common one.
      • Installation begins but does not load the installation GUI; instead, it installs in a console.
      • Installation completes from the console but just hangs after it's done. It doesn't boot up into a GUI.
      • Installation completes and it takes me to a tty console, but I cannot log in with any credentials that I know.
      • GUI boots up to log-in screen, but there are no users and I cannot login.
      • GUI boots up, I log in, but the desktop is blank and error messages pop up until it freezes and crashes

      My system:

      • Intel Pentium G4600 Skylake CPU
      • MSI B250M Pro-VDH LGA 1511 motherboard
      • 8 GB DDR4 RAM
      • 1 TB HDD
      • Intel HD 630 graphics
      • Windows 10 64-bit
      • VMWare Pro Version 12.0

      Any ideas about what is going on? Have any of you ever had these issues, and how can I get past them?