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    Wavefront as Source of Feedback Control Signals

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      I am exploring sources of system utilization signals that can be used in a feedback control system for some of our autonomous background processing. One possible source for such signals is Wavefront, via its API.


      The “autonomous” processing in question is low-priority work that must defer to interactive, on-line customer traffic and processing so as not to interfere with or impede that activity. On the other hand, we would like to maximize utilization of our existing hardware capacity (e.g., database or networking).


      One obvious concern is the delay between when a metric point is emitted by one of our systems and when it becomes available for a query. However, I believe this application could tolerate delays of a minute or so and would probably sample at about that rate or slower.


      I would like to solicit thoughts from the Wavefront community on whether Wavefront might be a suitable source of signals for use in a feedback control system.

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          Wavefront is originally intended to do real-time monitoring of applications and infrastructure for the applications using time series based metrics.  In simple terms, if you can give it a name, and record a numeric value over time, Wavefront can ingest it.  That being said often people want to use it to analyze real-time data from IoT.  Although Wavefront can certainly be used for IoT scenarios, we would like to get a better understand of something we call the "data shape".  That is the cardinality, frequency and regularity of the data flows.  We do have some customers that send us IoT data, and we allow them to do the analysis they need in real-time with the data, but every situation is different. 


          Wavefront can certainly work with the data you described, but we would still like to have a conversation to understand some specific details about it.  A Wavefront systems engineer would be happy to have a 15min call with you to help understand more clearly your exact data flows and requirements.  You can actually book a 15 minutes one-on-one with a Wavefront systems engineer here: Calendly - Wavefront



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            Did this get scheduled? Seems like an interesting idea. Needs to be fleshed out, tho'.

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              You mat want to flesh out your idea by clicking on "create an idea" to the right, and giving more detail about the context.