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    Auto Clear alerts

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      I think i know the answer to this but i will ask anyway. Please feel free to point out if i am wrong


      As stated in a previous post we are using Rest notifications to cut a ticket in service now.


      When the first alert is triggered (critical alert) it will send the notification to our upstream service that will cut a ticket.  Am i right is saying i will have the below problems on lets say a disk space % full alert


      1. Our NOC team receive the first alert and fix it the alert in vrops wont clear and as such if the disk space fills again in 2 days a new ticket wont be cut because the alert was never cleared in vrops
      2. Our NOC team receive the first alert and dont fix it. They will never receive another alert or ticket cut


      I have a workaround by using Jenkins to do a scheduled rest api clear of the alerts but is there away in vrops to either auto clear the alerts when fixed and force a re send of the alert after x number of hours if the condition has not been fixed

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          If I got your correctly


          1. If problem is fixed expected is that alert WILL clear in vrops (if not - for example if you alert threshold is 85% and NOC cleaned disk to be 90% - this means either NOC has not fix the alert or threshold is incorrect), so if you disk will fill up -- next alert will be raised

          2. Yes, it's true to some extend. I would believe it should be your ticketing system to send a reminder on the open alerts.. Or you can use notification on updated alert (each time when cancel cycle is out you should get a notification send, you may want to test and possibly after 10 notification raise the alert severity..