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    Canceled alerts

    sxnxr Master

      Is there a  way to stop a canceled alert alert from being sent REST or/and Email

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          daphnissov Guru
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          What's going on here, exactly? You have an alert that has already been canceled, yet it continues to send over the REST and email plug-in as if it were active??

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            sxnxr Master

            I have created an alert. We send it to a SHIM server that formats the vrops REST payload into a format our upstream service recognises. That is then sent to an ENS system that then creates automatic tickets in ore ticketing system.


            I know a bit long winded but that is the way we have to do it.


            Once the ticket is closed that is the end of it. What i dont want to do is flood our SHIM or the upstream service with canceled alerts in vrops. What i would like to do if possible is not send canceled alert payloads to the SHIM at all because as long as the ticket is closed no one cares if the alert is canceled in vrops

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              Oulyanov Enthusiast
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              In order to send an alert to SHIM you are probably using vrops notifications? If this assumption is correct you can disable notification on canceld by modifying notification -- advanced settings -- alert status. This filtering is there starting with vrops 6.5 I believe...

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                sxnxr Master

                Perfect That is what i am after.