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    VMware Specialist: vSAN 6.x Badge Exam (2VB-601)

    lucasitteam Enthusiast

      Hello There,


      is anyone working vSAN 6.x exam? I wish to know if the exam is version specific? Most of the VCP exam are?

      I reviewed the PDF. I couldn't identify if it is 6.2 or latest 6.5 based.


      Appreciate if someone can share the experience here

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          scott28tt Guru
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          This badge page specifically says 6.6:


          "The VMware vSAN 2017 Specialist badge holder is a technical professional who understands the vSAN 6.6 architecture and its complete feature set, knows how to conduct a vSAN design and deployment exercise, can implement a live vSAN hyper-converged infrastructure environment based on certified hardware/software components and best practices, and can administer/operate a vSAN cluster properly."


          This page for the exam also says 6.6:


          "This exam tests a candidate's skills and abilities designing, implementing and administering a VMware vSAN [V6.6] environment."