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    Protecting VMs with SRM and vSphere Replication

    MikeErter Enthusiast

      Hi everyone,


      We were using SRM with Array Based Replication.  For reasons that are a long story, we can't use array based replication anymore.  I'm switching to vSphere Replication now instead and I've successfully installed it at both the Protected and Recovery sites.   I see that I can just configure vSphere Replication on a per-VM basis.  Is that all there is to it with vSphere Replication?  Is there no longer any concept of Recovery Groups and Recovery Plans, etc.? Is it just down to per-VM?


      Sorry for such a basic question, still getting used to vSphere Replication...



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          hussainbte Expert

          The replication configuration is the 1st Step. once the Appliances for vSphere replication are deployed from SRM you will have them available as a mode of replication.


          When you try to create a new protection group it gives you an option of using array based replication and vSphere replication. when you choose vsphere replication the replicated VMs can be configured for protection.

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