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    Firewall rules between VMware Update Manager (6.5) and ESXi host

    commtech1 Lurker

      Hello All,


      We have VMware vCenter Update Manager (VUM) 6.5 installed on a different server, instead of using vCenter server. There is external Firewall existing in the VMware Infrastructure


      Can someone verify what ports need to be open to allow successful communication (Scan for Update, Remediate) between VUM and ESXi host(s)?


      Source        Destination       Incoming port/Protocol


      VUM            ESXi_host          80 /TCP (not sure?)

                                                     902 /TCP


      ESXi_host   VUM                   80 /TCP

                                                     9084 /TCP

                                                     9000-9100 /TCP


      VMware Article: 1004543



      Any help would be appreciated.