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    Ubuntu 16.04.3 Realm permit and SSO issues

    Andyve_ Novice



      Im trying to deploy Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (Gnome Flashback Metacity) VDI's for the first time in in Horizon 7.3.1 and fully automated desktop pool using runeoncescript to join domain with SSSD.

      In the runoncescript i have done the following.


      echo 'password' | /usr/sbin/realm join --user=serviceusername my.domain.com --computer-ou=OU=....... info removed.....

      /usr/sbin/realm deny -R my.domain.com -a

      /usr/sbin/realm permit -R my.domain.com -g active directory group


      But when the VM is created i must login with template user and run this command again for login to work 

      /usr/sbin/realm permit -R my.domain.com -g active directory group


      if i do a realm list command before running this the AD group is already listed under permitted-groups



      When it comes to SSO

      I get vmware-sso in the logon screen and then it fails with "Invalid password, please try again"



      Any help would be appreciated.