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    NSX and Stretched VSAN problem.

    algoeit Lurker

      We are building a new enviroment where we have a streched vsan between two PoDs. We have one vCenter that manages all hosts in the two different L3 subnets.


      The problem is now that when we shutdown the Pod where vCenter, NSX manager, PSC and Universal Controll cluster is running, non of the components failover since they have there own subnet. There is no Layer2 streching possible only within an VXLAN.


      So two things are happening. Compute VM's will failover to the other POD because of HA. VXLAN is there because of CDO is enabled, but since there is no control plane there is no North-South traffic between the ULDR and the edge.

      Streched VSAN and HA are still working since this is not needed for vCenter.


      The only solution I now can think of is to have a seperate vcenter/psc/nsx mgr/controll cluster inside a VXLAN. But this is like a cause-effect problem.


      Hope this is clear and maybe somebodyhas come across this scenario already.