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    disabling vmotion traffic on management port_powercli(get-view)

    jvm2016 Enthusiast

      Hello Luc,


      could you check following code .this is to disable vmotion traffic on mangement port (vmk0) .

      this works fine but i wanted to develop using get-view .in your last post yu mentioned

      we can view esxi using -property name,config.network.vnic


      however issues i am getting is i dont see any nested properties corresponding to managementtrafficenabled and vmotionenabled

      also we need to find method corresponding to Set-VMHostNetworkAdapter -VMotionEnabled $false.


      i have been checking hostvirtualnic object in api documentation but did not find anything or iam not able to understand .need you help if following code can be converted using get-view way.







      $vmhosts=get-vmhost -location $cluster


      foreach($hos in $vmhosts)


      $vmkernel=Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter -VMKernel -VMHost $hos|Where-Object{$_.managementtrafficenabled -eq $true -and $_.vmotionenabled -eq $true}

      $vmkernel|select @{N='esxi name';E={$hos.name}},@{N='vmkernel port';E={$_.name}}

      if ($vmkernel -eq $null)


      Write-Output "nothing to remediate for traffic separation"




      $rem1=read-host " do yu want to remediate traffic separation"


      if($rem1 -eq "yes")


      write-output "remediating traffic separation"


      $vmkernel|Set-VMHostNetworkAdapter -VMotionEnabled $false -confirm:$false