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    ESXi 6.5 - Datastore spanned 2 RAID5 arrays now empty after drive failure

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      Greetings everyone!

      I had a datastore that was spanned across two RAID 5 arrays that contained a single folder with one VMDK inside. This was connected to an external storage cabinet through an HP P431 RAID controller with 2GB of cache. A few days ago, I had a drive in the larger of the two RAID 5 arrays fail. The datastore went offline and I replaced the drive and it rebuilt with no error. When ESXi comes back up, I noticed the datastore is online again and is properly spanned and showing the same usage as before the failure. I enable SSH and log in and issue a "df -h" and see that the same usage is being reported (9.09 / 9.1TB) but now the datastore is empty. The only files on the datastore are the normal ones you'd find on any datastore, the folder with VMDK inside is entirely missing even though it shows space being used. While the data wasn't super important, I'd like to at least try and recover it if at all possible. This is way out of my area of expertise and would greatly appreciate any help.


      Thank you for your time!