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    LLDP not working with Intel X710 cards

    Jeffery Hawks Enthusiast

      Hi. Is anyone having issues with LLDP not working with Intel X710 10gb?


      We just got a batch of Dell PowerEdge 730s with a Dual-Port Intel X710 card and a Quad port Motherboard card which is a dual-port Intel I350 and a dual-port Intel X710 jammed on 1 card. LLDP works for the 1GB ports on those. But those use a different driver obviously. The 10GB ports use the i40en.


      The box has the last firmware, bios, drivers, etc from Dell. And VMware. And since the HCL doesnt totally agree on the driver between VMware and Dell (when does it ever) I tried both.


      Interesting CDP works on these cards at another one our sites that uses Cisco.


      I found this link which was interesting, but no one answered the ESXi question on it.


      X710 dropping LLDP frames ? |Intel Communities


      Thanks you any help you can provide. Thanks,,,

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