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    Windows 10 Edge Enterprise Mode Site List

    larsonm Expert

      I am looking to use Enterprise Mode Site List via AD GPO in a linked clone environment running Windows 10.  The goal:  when a user opens Edge and attempts to navigate to a site, Windows automatically opens that site in IE 11 and close Edge. 


      When the user logs in, they are required to open Edge once to get the policy downloaded.  Once downloaded, the next time a user opens Edge with the URL in question, IE 11 opens the URL and closes Edge as expected, but this is required to occur once during every time the user logs into a new desktop, they must repeat these steps.  What they'd like to is have UEM persist the fact that Edge has received the policy and simply open the link in IE 11.  We are using UEM 9.2.1, with the Edge.ini file provided on the VMTN site. We are looking for assistance on how to persist the site list downloaded by the policy.  Any insights?