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    VMWare ESX with Nexus using VPC and HSRP

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      Does anybody have a config template for VMWare ESX dual homed to two Nexus which are also configured wit virtual port channel (vpc) and HSRP.


      The current setup i am working on has 4 ESXi hosts. I am using standard switches on the ESX with load balancing on ip source hash. On the switch side ehter channel is set to ON.


      The config appears to work for 3 hosts perfectly, bur for 4rth host its having issues with ARP resolution to HSRP address, The ARP table on the VM is showing as incomplete tHSRP address.


      I am wondering if this is an issue either with the load balancing or if arp response is coming via a differrent path.


      Was wondering if there is anybody who had a similar working confiig.


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          ahandoo Novice

          Hi Javeed,


          Please share below details:

          1.  Topology Diagram.

          2.  Standard switch and port-group configuration of the non-working host.

          3.  Output for below command from both N5I switches:

                show vpc

                show vpc orphan-ports

                show vpc role

                show run inter po XX member        [Where XX is the port-channel id configured on the upstream Cisco Nexus switch on the interface connected to the non-working server ports]

                show port-cha summ

                show hsrp brief

                show run vpc