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    how long is the VMmark3 test time?

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      the VMmark3.0 user's guide said the standard workload is designed to run for at least 3 hours,

      and the steady state is the middle two hours of the three-hour run.


      but when i tried a one-tile(tile0) test on my lab servers,

      the "VMmark Run Tiles" stage only lasts for 40 minutes and the total time of the test is just about 90 minutes.


      i believe that i might misunderstood something but couldn't confirm...

      does anyone know about the valid test time duration of different workloads?

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          jamesz08 Hot Shot
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          The default runtime is 3hrs.  You can modify the runtime using the RunTimeSeconds parameter or by setting the TurboMode parameter to true in the VMMark3.properties file.  TurboMode sets the test runtime to 30 minutes. 


          The setup time of the tests is dependent on your hardware, but it is generally around 30-60 minutes.  During setup there are several database restore operations that are highly disk intensive.


          You should check the test log (STAX_Job_XX.log & STAX_Job_XX_User.log) to make sure there wasn't an error that caused the test to fail early.  You can post these files to this thread if you need help trying to determine what happened.