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    Fonts in Ubuntu 17.10 (and older), Especially in Good Docs via Google Chrome

    redwullf Lurker

      Seeing some font weirdness. Ubuntu version 17.10 (have noticed this in prior versions as well), running on VMWare Fusion 8.5.8 on a new iMac on macOS High Sierra 10.13. Examples include right-click menu on desktop items, like Trash:



      And most commonly in Google Chrome, especially in Google Docs:




      That's not "censored" text in those cells, that's how it actually displays. Font appears fine when entering into cell, but as soon as I enter or click out, it looks like black blocks.


      Thoughts? Is this a Google Chrome issue (as, ironically, Google Docs appear fine in a NON-Chrome browser, like Firefox), a VMWare Fusion issue, or an Ubuntu issue? I'd say it was new with 17.10, but as I've said, I've noticed this for quite some time now.