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    error message, target and source datastores are the same?

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      i just encountered a problem that is,

      while running the vmmark3 on stage"VMmark Run Tiles", it always failed with the error message:

      VMmark3: Service Requested Step: ExceptionFound:SVMotion TargetDatastore Exception: Review Log and Configuration::Target and Source Datastores are the same: 60.02(secs)


      my test environment is only a tile(tile0)

      and the VMs are all placed in a shared storage(which is VSAN datastore)

      i prepared another iSCSI shared storage and wrote the parameter in VMmark3.properties file.


      the user guide didn't say much about the target and source datastore settings so couldn't make sure about which VMs on which datastores...

      is there any special datastore configurations for one tile testing?


      any reply is appreciated~