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    Floating Desktops and Refreshes

    JayMan6014 Lurker

      Hi all,


      We have a Horizon Air in a Canadian DC for about 8 months now.

      I have a few questions to know if this is normal.


      1) Expanding VDIs takes about 20-25mins per VDI.

      2) Image Update takes about 20mins per VDI


      With floating images, how often do they refresh themselves?  We are trying to keep the windows 7 enterprise image as basic as possible after expanding the VDI pool pushing out our apps over our MPLS connection to the VDI's.


      Yesterday I made a pool of 25 VDIs to test with, pushed out the applications but the next morning all the VDI's but one had reverted back to the Org. image without the software.  Is this normal?

      How do you deal with antivirus on the VDI's if they are always reverting until the AV pulls updates they wouldn't have the up to date definitions.


      With dedicated VDI's if you un-assign a person from them does it delete that persons profile from the VDI? How do you stop the drives on the VDI's from filling with old profiles?

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          DSigmond Enthusiast

          Hi JayMan6014,


          Regarding your questions:

          1) This seems quite long. Which OS are you using for your VDI deployment (only Windows 7)?

          Not sure on which version of Horizon Cloud/Air your tenant is created, but maybe you have the option to use Instant Clone technology?

          If not, when you deploy new desktops a full clone is created, from what I have seen in other regions, the actual cloning part should only take a few minutes. Afterwards, the customization is happening and the Domain Join part.  Do you have a DC enrolled near the Desktops in the Cloud? Is sites and Services implemented for the desktop segment in Horizon Cloud/Air?


          2) Image Update means refreshing the pool?

          If yes, then it is the same as question 1.


          Floating desktop pools are refreshed with a new image only when an administration triggers it (Pool Refresh option in /HorizonAdmin).

          If a user logs off from a floating desktop, all changes to the desktop are discarded and the desktop reboots in a pristine state again.


          When you are doing a pool refresh and a desktop is currently allocated to a user, it waits to refresh the desktop for a certain amount of time until the user is logged off. If the user keeps active or disconnected it could happen that the timeout of the refresh action occurs and you end up with a desktop which is not updated. You should see this within the status of the job in Tasks&Events.