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    VMX file, VMXF file

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      I have edited .VMX files in the past to stop my guest time synching with the host but I have noticed on a latest Win7 64bit VM I have there isn't a   .VMX file only a .VMXF file which is of a different format that I don't seem to be able to chang in the same way as a .VMX file. I am by no means an expert with this so would appreciate any advice. I want to add a unix time stamp.


      Do I have a .VMX file somewhere? Is it hidden from me?



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          It's still the .vmx file which contains the configuration data. The .vmxf file only holds some additional metadata.

          If the VM works, there's got to be a .vmx file somewhere.



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            Please let us know the product so we can reroute as necessary. But in general, .vmx files are always with the VM files whereever they are located, however, it is possible to have 'stragglers' after a vMotion on ESXi. Look inside vCenter to find the proper location of your VM. If Workstation or Fusion, they are always with the VM.


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