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    Workstation pro 14 black screen

    zmware1979 Novice

      I’m looking for some help and advice with regards to Vmware. I’m completely new to using this software and I am already running into a few problems. I’m using Vmware pro workstation 14 in trial mode. I have successfully installed Windows 10 within the virtual PC and a few other programs. Everything seemed to be going just fine until all of a sudden, I was faced with a black screen within Vmware. I’m not sure if I’ve pressed something or done something to cause this to happen. I have noticed that there is suddenly, a thumbnail bar at the bottom which seems to show my virtual PC powering on and off. If I try to click it to open it up on the main screen it doesn’t work, I just get a black screen. I’m also having problems now connecting to the update server. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Vmware 4 times now without it making any difference. Is there any advice you can offer with regards to what the problem may be? I guess worst-case scenario is I would need to reinstall Windows 10 within Vmware, however this will take a fair bit of time and I still would not be aware of what I did that caused the problem in the first place.

      I have attached a screenshot to show you what I’m looking at now when I open Vmware.

      Thanks again.



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