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    Deploy two instance of VIO

    faillax23 Novice

      I want deploy one instance for DEV and one for PRODUCTION.

      I tried to use "viocli deploy ... -f config.json" but i dont understand how write this json configuration.

      Can you help me and get my an example json? I tried with an exported config JSON of another instance but no chance.... i recevied a lot of erro about undefined field inside config file.


      Thank you very much!

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          Hi Faiilax23,


          I suppose you are using the wrong command. As per the following documentation:


          viocli command are used directly from OMS for all actions you can perform on the environment.


          If you want create a new instance, you should use openstack command, after creating environmental variables. Please follow:

          OpenStack Docs: Launch an instance


          Let me know if the above is fine or if I understood erroneously your question.




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            faillax23 Novice

            No no ...

            i was speaking about a new instance of VIO deployment.

            I want two OpenStack deployment, one for development and one for production inside the same infrastructure.

            The documentation doesnt tell anything about this command but "viocli depoly" is present.

            This command take as argument the JSON configuration file...but i dont have a template of this file...

            can you help me?

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              As per your last post and for my understanding, you cannot add one more: just one VIO per one/more vCenter Servers not vice-versa.


              Where did you find this possibility into the documentation?




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                faillax23 Novice

                i found something on internet but i not remember where...

                however if you look into vio-manager there is this undocumented command


                viocli deploy -h


                i think there is a way to do this

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                  Hi Faillax23,


                  running viocli deploy -h, you got the following:


                  root@vio-mgmt:~# viocli deploy -h

                  usage: viocli deploy [-h] [--verbose] [-d [NAME]] [-p] -u VC_USERNAME -pw

                                       VC_PASSWORD -f FILE_NAME



                  optional arguments:

                    -h, --help            show this help message and exit

                    --verbose             verbose mode

                    -d [NAME], --deployment [NAME]

                                          deployment to use (default: VIO)

                    -p, --progress        show progress of current operation

                    -u VC_USERNAME, --vc_user VC_USERNAME

                    -pw VC_PASSWORD, --vc_pwd VC_PASSWORD

                    -f FILE_NAME, --json_file FILE_NAME

                                          Absolute path of json_file used for deploy VIO cluster


                  and I don't find any undocumented command.

                  -f FILE_NAME allows you to deploy a new VIO instance... but only if you have no other VIO installed into the vCenter Server.

                  I doubt you can install a second VIO deployment into a single vCenter Server.


                  The only possible solution I guess, in order to solve your problem, is using one PSC and two vCenter Server, each of one has a VIO instance.




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                    faillax23 Novice

                    Ok, supposing i can deploy only one instance of VIO...

                    viocli deploy [-h] [--verbose] [-d [NAME]] [-p] -u VC_USERNAME -pw VC_PASSWORD -f FILE_NAME

                    this command requires a JSON configuration file.

                    I did this actions:

                    - from vsphere gui I exported the VIO JSON file from VIO interface

                    - i used this command with this JSON

                    ..but i recevied errors telling thant this JSON have unknown fields ... so i think the required JSON has another structure...


                    Any idea?

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                      Hi Faillax23,


                      as previously mentioned, you can deploy one VIO instance per vCenter Server.

                      As you found, there is a viocli command, not described into the documentation, so... not supported.


                      If you would double check, having a confirm from their side, please, open a case with VMware Support.




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                        ZeMiracle Novice

                        Hi Faillax23,


                        What you are triying to do is to deploy 2 VIO deployment from the same VIO Management Server... seem it's not possible (but it seem the upgrade process deploy a second deployment into a blue gree deployment process).


                        I don't know if this is supported, but you can deploy several VIO per vCenter.

                        You can deploy another VIO Management Server and choose wich one you want to manage from the Vcenter.

                        I have the same problem with the command line client (viocli) since i was not able to deploy from a json file.


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                          that link is used to re-connect the OMS only! not used to link to more than one OMS.... like choosing the one to manage!


                          It is not supported, using more than one VIO deployment per vCenter Server.




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                            ZeMiracle Novice

                            So don't call the link "change server"

                            But i'm agree with marinod... you can get bad result if you use NSX with VIO...

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                              rpellet Enthusiast
                              VMware Employees

                              There can be only one VIO deployment per vcenter.  During upgrades we do a blue/green deployment but that is how we handle the upgrade process.  Trying to run before complete the upgrade and deleting the old deployment isn't supported nor recommended. 

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                                ZeMiracle Novice

                                Thanks for this precision rpellet

                                Can you provide a way to make a new vio deployment from the Viocli ?

                                I didn't succeed to make it work...

                                The goal is to fully automate de deployment of a complete test environnement (From vcenter to VIO).