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    Fusion 10 freezing up

    dankapp Lurker

      Good morning. I have recently upgraded to Fusion 10 and have had many days where the Windows 10 VM just freezes up. I have to force quit Fusion to get it to respond. I am running Sierra and have not upgraded to High Sierra yet.


      I did not have this issue when on version 8. Am I the only one having this issue?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Beau22 Lurker

          You are not the only one. I'm getting this regularly after upgrading to VMWare Fusion 10.0.1
          I hoped updating my OS from Sierra to High Sierra would help... but it has not.


          It's a huge productivity killer.

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            dankapp Lurker

            Good morning. Beau, if you happen to find a solution to this issue please let me know. It is very frustrating to have to restart at least once throughout the day, sometimes multiple times. Like you stated, it is a huge productivity killer. I guess I can reinstall version 8 and skip 10?

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              dlhotka Virtuoso

              what host and guest configuration?  Make sure no more than N-1 physical cores allocated to any 1 VM.

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                dankapp Lurker

                I am running the latest version of Sierra (not high Sierra) and Windows 10 version 1703. The iMac has 32G installed and I have 16Gb allocated to the host and the virtual machine. Like I stated previously, everything was running just fine on version 8, it has just been since I upgraded to version 10 that the issue started.

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                  dankapp Lurker

                  How would I go about reverting back to version 8? Is it as simple as downloading it and running the install? I am done with version 10, I am loosing to much productivity by having to restart once or twice a day.

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                    dankapp Lurker

                    So I tried to revert back to version 8 and it downloaded and seemed to be fine. When I started the VM it stated that it had been created with a newer version of Fusion and I needed to upgrade my current version in order to use this VM. What a bunch of crap. The VM was created when I was on version 8 and now I am held hostage to upgrade to version 10. So I bit the bullet and paid the $50 to upgrade to version 10 in hopes that maybe it would work since I was only running the trial previously. Well that is not the case. I have lost a half a days work in visual studio because when I came in this morning my VM was locked up and I had to restart. Thanks VMware, next time I am going back to Parallels.

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                      dlhotka Virtuoso

                      How many physical cores in the host and how many vCPU's are assigned to the guest?

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                        dankapp Lurker

                        The host has 4 cores, in which 2 are assigned to the Vm. These are the same settings I have had for quite some time and didn't have this issue with version 8.

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                          wila Guru
                          Community WarriorsvExpertUser Moderators



                          PMJI... I'm not from vmware, but an observation and a recommendation for next time.


                          When you said:

                          and now I am held hostage to upgrade to version 10.

                          When you run a new version of VMware Fusion, one of the first things it does on your behalf is update the virtual hardware of the VM.

                          It does this, so that you can use the latest features from your new Fusion product.


                          You can downgrade that virtual hardware and go back to the previous version.


                          With the Virtual Machine shut down.


                          This is under Virtual machine menu -> Settings -> Compatibility


                          Select the virtual Hardware version to use for this VM.

                          It will then display with which VMware Fusion (and other products) it is compatible with.




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                            BobTheDog Enthusiast

                            Getting this a couple of times a day as well, total hang. Sometimes takes the Mac with it as well.

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                              dlhotka Virtuoso

                              The host starving issue can be intermittent.  As long as those are physical (not virtual) cores, you should be fine with those settings.

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                                QuestorZ Lurker

                                Same here. On 8.x I never had any of my Windows 10 VM's to freeze. After I upgraded to VMWare Fusion Pro 10 and updated the VM Tools Windows 10 seems to perform pretty much identically as it did on Vmware Pro 8 however it freezes randomly. I leave Windows 10 version 1703 running 24x7 on my High Sierra iMac with 32GB of memory and 4GHz Intel Core i7. The VM is setup like it has been from day one with 2GB of RAM and 2 processor cores (I do nothing heavy except run a couple of light management consoles). Some have mentioned heavy specs and allocation of to much memory/processor for the Windows 10 VM as a possible issue. This absolutely shouldn't matter if the allocation is available and good headroom. Mine has very conservative specs and is still freezing. Mine usually freezes while on the Windows 10 screensaver but not always. When it freezes usually nothing is running except the OS and I'm not actively using it.

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                                  joemarcus Novice

                                  The problem isn't just with Windows.  I have an Ubuntu 16.04.03 VM that I was using fine for over a year on Fusion Pro 8.x (last running 8.5.9).  I upgraded to 10.10 Pro yesterday, and now it has frozen twice, both times when I was not using it at the rather vanilla screensaver.  The Late-2016 MacBook Pro runs 10.13.2.


                                  What's interesting is my FreeBSD 10.4 VM on my Mac Mini (also running 10.13.2) has not frozen once since I upgraded to 10.10 Pro yesterday.  One notable difference (other than hardware) is that I rebooted the Mac Mini after upgrading Fusion.  I'm going to try and reboot the MBP today to see if it helps.  But I gather others have tried rebooting the host without luck.


                                  Note: both guests are using open-vm-tools rather than the official VMware version.  This never caused any issues on 8.5.


                                  I would love to get a comment from VMware on this.  Seems like a pretty serious issue.

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                                    joemarcus Novice

                                    Sorry to reply to myself, but I just learned something.  While the GUI has locked up, the VM is still running fine.  I am able to ping its NAT'd IP and SSH to it.  I'd be curious to know if people reporting issues with Windows are able to still ping and/or RDP to the VM from the Mac host.

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