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    VMWare Fusion 10, Attach physical APFS volume to Mac VM

    LifeIsToLive Lurker

      VMWare Fusion 10.

      Host OS:  macOS 10.13 High Sierra

      Guest OS: macOS 10.13 High Sierra


      I've formatted my internal SSD on my MacBook Pro as APFS.  Using the "Add Volume" feature in Disk Utility, I can create as many volumes as I like and they all share the 2TB between them - feature of APFS in High Sierra.


      So I create a volume and then I follow instructions like these or one or two others that say the same thing:  HappyMac™ - VMware Fusion: Adding a raw physical disc


      Sadly it doesn't work.


      The disk identifier for the disk I want to add is disk1s1.  I name the vmdk file 'disk1s1-link.vmdk'.   I confirm that the volume in question's identifier is still disk1s1 and it is.  I try to start the VM and the first message I get is:


      File not found: disk1s1-link.vmdk

      This file is required to power on this virtual machine.  If this file was moved, specify the new location.

      [Cancel] [ Browse...]


      If I hit [Browse...] I navigate to the disk1s1-link.vmdk file and choose it.  That seems to get accepted. Then I get this message:


      Resource busy

      Cannot open the disco '<path>/disk1s1-link.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.

      Module 'Disk' power on failed.

      Failed to start the virtual machine.



      This happens whether the volume that the vmdk file points to is mounted or unmounted.


      I'm guessing this might just be that the 'vmware-rawdiskCreator create' and other stuff required to make all this work just isn't compatible with APFS yet... but is that really it?  Or am I actually doing something wrong?  Has anyone else had any success with this?


      I'd appreciate any help.  Thanks!