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    Network performance on 10gb network

    hendersp3 Novice

      When running netperf command I can get 7.5 - 8 gbps using a native Linux OS.  If I load ESXi 6 and then create the same Linux OS as a vm I can only get 3.5 gbps.  Enabling LRO got me to 5gbps. 


      Everything from a hardware perspective is the same.  The same Dell servers, same physical nics and 10g switches.  The only difference is one scenario has ESXi and the other does not.  Interesting enoough is when running the test from the Linux vm I can run multiple netperf sessions and get close to 10gbps total so there is no physical bottleneck apparently. 


      I am looking for help on how to increase the throughput when the hypervisor is involved.  Dos anyone have specific examples of things they have done?  If more information is needed let me know.