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    Problem with foreach VM loop and extensiondata

    CenturaBro Novice

      Ill try to explain this so it makes sense because I'm baffled...


      I'm creating a script that makes the OS reboot, then waits for vmtools to populate the OS data in extensiondata and then continues when there is a value in that field that isn't blank


      Beyond that I'm telling the script to do 2 different things depending on the OS version running.


      The problem is the $VM variable never populates the OS name by itself in the "while" loop, it always throws a blank return if i run $vm.ExtensionData.Guest.GuestFullName


      if i stop the script and manually run the command $vm = get-vm -Name $vm it populates corrently without issue.


      This portion of the script is Right after the OS comes back up from the reboot:



      while($vm.ExtensionData.guest.GuestFullName -eq $null){


              Write-host "waiting for Guest OS to populate from vmtools..."

              start-sleep -s 3    

             $vm = get-vm -Name $vm





              if($vm.ExtensionData.Guest.GuestFullName -like "*2012*"){


                  Write-host "Test"




              elseif($vm.ExtensionData.Guest.GuestFullName -like "*2008*"){


                 Write-host "Test2"




                Write-host "failed"




      I'm getting the "failed" every time.



      Ill try to explain in more detail if anyone's willing to help