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    thin lun

    goodface Enthusiast

      virtual machine size 500 gb and this virtual machine disk type thick ( paravirtualization ) . There is 200 gb of data in it on that vm. we are using 3par. There will be 200 gb of data on the 3rd par ?or  500 gb size on 3par . 3 par luns are thin lun and  if I delete the 500 gb  virtual machine on vcenter , 500 gb of space will be empty from the storage or 200 gb ?

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          Nick_Andreev Expert

          When you're using thick-provisioned disks, space is pre-allocated on the storage array. So if the .vmdk is 500GB, but you're using only 200GB within the OS, you will still be consuming 500GB on the storage array.


          Then if you delete the VM from a thin-provisioned LUN, space will not be reclaimed back, unless you're running vSphere 6.5 which introduces automatic UNMAP.