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    VMWare Fusion 10.0.1 doesn't see USB devices anymore [SOLVED]

    Yvo999 Novice

      My previous setup was:


      MacOS 10.12 Sierra

      VMWare Fusion 7.1, running

      - Windows 7

      - Windows 10


      All was fine until I upgraded to MacOS 10.13, High Sierra.


      Started VMWare Fusion, all well. Started the Windows 7 VM and my iMac crashed instantly. Split second.


      Upgraded to VMWareFusion 10.0.1.


      Got the "System Extension Blocked" message and allowed VMWare Fusion in the MacOS Security & Privacy settings.


      But both Windows 7 and Windows 10 VM's don't see USB devices anymore. No error message, no warning. They just don't see them.


      I Googled around, even saw the other post related the subject below, but no solution found.




      Edit: Completely removed VMWare Fusion and did a clean install. Still the same problem...


      Edit 2: Shouldn't there be an usbarbitrator service running in the VM's? I don't see any. Also /var/run/vmware doesn't show anything related.


      Edit 3: The service usbarbitration (on the host) doesn't run. /Library/Logs/VMware USB Arbitrator Service.log contents:


      2017-10-07T19:47:01.361| ServiceImpl_Daemon: PID 833

      2017-10-07T19:47:01.362| ServiceImplRef: Before start().

      2017-10-07T19:47:01.576| Warning: UsbarbServiceCommon: exit status 6912.

      2017-10-07T19:47:01.576| ServiceImplRef: After start().

      2017-10-07T19:47:01.576| ServiceImplDaemon: Exiting with code 0.


      Started VMWare Fusion and started usbarbitrator by hand: sudo /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmware-usbarbitrator --kext /Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/kexts/vmioplug.kext


      Same results, not working, not running. And log file shows the same.


      Beats me.



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