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    Major difference between vRNI and vRLI

    amolnjadhav Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      I know i am asking very silly question but i have to convey my boss why we should install vRNI.


      Benefit i see is,


      1. vRNI has HTML based client.

      2. Deep dive analysis of DFW rule.

      3. Distributed firewall troubleshooting much simpler with vRNI

      4. Pictorial representation of virtual packet flow.


      Any other pointers to deploy vRNI.




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          Sreec Master
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          You should certainly check VRNI datasheet and add those points to existing bucket


          Use Cases:

          • Micro-segmentation Planning, Deployment and Compliance

          – Plan and measure security impact with micro-segmentation

          – Accelerate microsegmentation deployment with firewall rules


          – Continuously monitor and audit compliance postures over time

          • 360 Network Visibility and Troubleshooting

          – Quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues between VMs through powerful

          path visualization

          – Effectively manage events, alerts and problems to rapidly solve issues

          – Unify troubleshooting experience across the virtual and physical infrastructure

          • Manage and Scale NSX Deployments

          – Scale across multiple NSX Managers with powerful visualizations for topology

          and health

          – Avoid configuration issues through an in-product best practices checklist

          – Pinpoint and triage issues for quick resolution with intuitive UI and natural

          language search

          • Manage Security for Public Clouds

          – Extend micro-segmentation planning to AWS constructs

          – Analyze traffic flows in AWS for visibility into AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

          – Troubleshoot firewall issues between VMs in AWS




          For any lab reference please do try -> VMware hol labs -> HOL-1829-01-NET

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            Bayu Wibowo Master
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            Do you have NSX and vRLI in your environment?

            Which NSX features are you using?


            You can also deploy vRNI in evaluation mode then it would be easy to convey your boss with actual data/UI.

            If you are using NSX DFW and still building security policies/rules, the micro-segmentation planner would be useful too

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              amolnjadhav Enthusiast

              Hi Bayu,


                 Thanks for your reply.

                  I understand vRNI is good to be micro-segmentation planner would be useful.