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    Some hints while working with on VMWare on Demand Courses

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      i am not sure if i post some already mentioned information here. But i start to work on on-Demand courses at the beginning of 2017. My company offers me the opportunity to be part of the Enterprise Learning Subscription, which is awsome. But I struggle sometimes and I would provide some information that made the whole thing a little bit easier for me. Feel free to update this post if I missed something.


      Having trouble while loading the content

      Sometimes it can happen that it is not possible to load the content correctly. This could be a problem with flash or Javascript. Both had to be allowed while loading the content. There will be no question.




      Enter license keys


      Sometimes the licenses in the lab are not valid any more and you have to renew the keys. You get a link for this and it will open a new tab outside of the lab. It is not possible to copy text directly from outside the lab to the lab screen. But be aware of the "Send Text" button which is located in the upper left corner of your lab.

      First select the proper textbox in your lab and then copy the keys into the "send text" text box. After this you can easily send the keys to the lab.


      Working with special caracters or commands from the lab guide


      Since we are not all from america it could be a problem to use special caracters like @ / \ or something like this in the lab.

      In my case I had problems to enter the Adminstrator@vsphere.local account into the login screen.

      The problem does not exist if you use the "Send Text" feature which i mentioned above. With this you can use your own keyboard layout and do not have any problems.


      On the other hand you can mark any text in the lab manual. Then you can drag and drop the selected text into any lab related textbox.


      Print the Course Manual and the Ressource Links Documents


      I do not use the course manual when I am working on a couse. But after I finished the course it is important to have access to all the information which is provided in the course. For this it is possible to print a pdf file from the course manual or the ressource links which are mentioned in the course. In some cases it takes some time until the print screen will show up. In my first course I thought this happens because it is not allowed to print out the material. But it is allowed and so its a wonderfull possibility.


      If you found any other intresting things to know, feel free to share them.