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    ClientCluster Specified is Null when creating tile0

    Favoritevmguy Lurker

      Hey guys, every time I try to create tile0 it is failing when it looks for my cluster information.  I have tried every different scenario I can think of, but can't get this to work. 


      2017-09-29T13:08:38.051 [main] INFO  MAIN : VMmark3Service_v1.0.0

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : ConfigFile: VMmark3.properties Loaded

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: AllowRunOverwrite: true

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: EmailList: []

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: EmailSMTP:

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: EmailFrom:

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: EmailPort:

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: RunName: vmmark3-output

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: PrimeClient: 10.x.x.x

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: vCServer: 10..x.x.x

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.056 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: vCServerUsername: administrator@vsphere.local

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: vCServerPassword: ********

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: vCServerDatacenter: Datacenter

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: Tiles: 1

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: ProvisioningSource: VMmark

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: ProvisioningDatastores: Client:HDD-Lun1,DS3WebA:HDD-Lun2,DS3WebB:HDD-Lun2,DS3WebC:HDD-Lun2,DS3DB:SSD-Lun6,AuctionLB:SSD-Lun5,AuctionMSQ:SSD-Lun5,AuctionWebA:HDD-Lun2,AuctionWebB:HDD-Lun3,AuctionAppA:HDD-Lun1,AuctionAppB:HDD-Lun2,AuctionNoSQL:SSD-Lun6,AuctionDB:SSD-Lun6,ElasticLB:iSCSI-Lun0,ElasticWebA:iSCSI-Lun1,ElasticWebB:iSCSI-Lun1,ElasticAppA:iSCSI--Lun0,ElasticAppB:iSCSI-Lun0,ElasticDB:iSCSI-Lun0,Standby:HDD-Lun1

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Skipping poorly formed DeployVMinfo

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: vCServerVMmark3Cluster: Virtual_SAN_Cluster

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Config:: vCServerClientCluster: Virtual_SAN_Cluster

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Initializing Env

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : AllowRunOverwrite Enabled, overwriting directory

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Hosts file Stub Output: hosts-stub.txt

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : ConfigFileName: VMmark3.properties

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.057 [main] INFO  MAIN : Copy File: /root/VMmark3/VMmark3.properties : /root/VMmark3/provisioning-output/vmmark3-output/VMmark3.properties

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.100 [main] ERROR MAIN : Email Notifications Disabled due to Email Settings Errors

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.100 [main] INFO  MAIN : Initializing Static VMmapping Info

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.102 [main] INFO  COMM : BuildingStaticIps with Static Start: and 1 Tiles

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.103 [main] INFO  MAIN : Initialization Completed Successfully

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.103 [main] INFO  MAIN : Starting VMmark3 Provisioning Service

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.103 [main] INFO  MAIN : Logging Into vCServer: 10.x.x.x

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.415 [main] INFO  MAIN : Validating Setup Parameters

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.415 [main] INFO  MAIN : Provisioning from template is Active : ProvisioningNumTiles = 1

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.415 [main] INFO  MAIN : Provisioning DS3DB is Active : Provisioning Service will exit after tile0

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.416 [main] INFO  MAIN : Setup Completed Successfully

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.429 [main] INFO  vCSc : Validating Provisioning Parameters

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.433 [main] INFO  vCSc : vCServerDatacenter: Datacenter Found

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.433 [main] INFO  vCSc : vCServerDatacenter: Datacenter Found

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.433 [main] INFO  vCSc : Scanning Client Cluster Virtual_SAN_Cluster for Host Systems

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.445 [main] ERROR vCSc : ClientCluster Specified is Null 'Virtual_SAN_Cluster' : Exiting

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.450 [main] ERROR MAIN : Exception Caught: ClientCluster Specified is NullCheck Input Parameters : exitSetting true

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.451 [main] INFO  MAIN : Email Disabled

      2017-09-29T13:08:38.451 [main] INFO  MAIN : Ending Early