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    Implementing PeopleSoft PSTools 8.55.13 Campus Solutions 9.2 Application server on VMware

    MacDavison Lurker

      I am looking for insight and information on creating two VMware machines to replace our current physical hardware.


      Current physical hardware is:


      Two (2) Solaris 10 sun Sparc machines each with2 sockets, 4 cores per CPU socket, 8 threads per CPU, 16vcpu 64 GB RAM.


      Each of these machines currently host two PeopleSoft Application servers’ domains per machine. The Application server domain in the PIA (PeopleSoft Internet Architecture) perform on behalf of the end user requested transaction SQL calls to the RDBMS to retrieve data and in addition the request information may be required “to be run through a remote COBOL batch process” in order to present the results in the next screen presented to the end user. So these machines require significant resources for quick online transaction processing that may include inline “remote COBOL processing”.

      I am not a VMware technician, I have worked with IBM VM machines in the past and I have some knowledge of the VM terms.

      Is there a specific reference manual and or document which helps guide a VMWare customer through the intricacies on sizing a VMware Gust Machine Definition? These two current physical machines during heaviest load normally utilize 36GB ram and less than 35% CPU utilization.

      I am looking for insight and information on creating two new VMware machines definitions to replace our current physical hardware.

      Thank you in advance for any insight; and information from other customer experiences in this type of implementations.