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    Create VMDK that is readable by multiple guests?

    jgullo Lurker

      We have a large Microsoft SQL database in an environment with 5-6 downstream test environments, all Windows servers.  We are moving to VMWare off of XenServer, and in the new environment, I have been asked if it is possible to create a very large (~14TB) storage lun for backups.  This would be write-able by the production server, but then readable by all of the downstream servers.  The reason to do this as a LUN (rather than an NFS or CIFS share) is because in the current environment, this causes network congestion with a noticeable user impact to the front-end.  Despite the new hardware having increased network capacity, the request is to direct this traffic over the SAN and not the network.


      Is this possible?  I have searched the forums and most responses just say to use NFS, but before I present that back to my team I wanted clarification.  The new VMWare and SAN are a blank slate right now and I'm building all new guests, so I want to get this right now.