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    Persona slow login in 7.1+

    rndname Novice



      Horizon View 7.2, linked-clones with persistent disks.

      Persona - copying profile(including AppData\Local setting via gpo) to the network share. 10 minute interval.


      We use Personas to copy user data to a backup server. Since upgrading from Horizon View 7.0.2 to 7.2 I noticed logon time being 3-4 times larger on VMs with Horizon Agent 7.2.0 installed.

      Since audit information is turned on during logon, the most time was used by VMWVvp(VMware Horizon View Persona Management). The same task on 7.0.2 takes 20 seconds, while on 7.2 it takes 60-90 seconds. Thr whole profile loading


      I then tried installing standalone Persona Management 7.1,7.2 and 7.3. All of them had the same problem. Even without Horizon Agent(and new Logon Monitor service) being present.


      VMWVvp.txt log-files aren't especially different except one is taking longer time to accomplish the same tasks(VMWSetDirEa).


      Could anyone offer advice on how to proceed in solving this? It seems I would need to continue 7.0.2 agent with 7.2 Connection Server otherwise. Haven't tried 7.0.3, though.