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    VMmark2 Availability Ending

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      To all VMmark participants,


      After almost 7 years and over 100 publications, VMmark2 availability is ending.  As communicated earlier, the final VMmark2 submission date was set for Sept 12th, with final publications posted today, Sept 26th.  From this point forward we will keep all VMmark 2.x results on the results page but we will not accept any new submissions.


      Thank you all for your continued investment in and contributions to VMmark. Whether you use it for internal testing, publish industry-leading results, or are part of the select few who participate in the VMmark review panel, we greatly appreciate your efforts.


      As always feel free to reach out to us at vmmark-info@vmware.com with any questions or suggestions. We value your input and feedback.  We will now look forward to focusing all of our efforts on VMmark3, initial publications are already posted on the current VMmark results page.


      Thanks, and Happy Benchmarking!

      The VMmark Dev Team