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    Can't connect to management network on new install - Cisco 3850 w/LACP

    Konowl Lurker

      When we install a host at our organization, it's straight forward - install ESXI, configure the management network (accessible over two CNA cards in a ProLiant G9), connect to the environment and then move the NIC's over to the LAG's utilizing the same CNA cards.


      We are now attempting to do the same thing on a new Cisco 3850 (in our PCI zone) with vSAN hosts.  Switch is a 24 port with RJ45 10 gig jacks with an SFP module - server is connected to the module.  Networking guys indicate the setup on the ports is the same as all the other servers - however, we cannot connect to the management network unless we disable LACP on these ports (which will not work for us as we only use these CNA cards).


      Anyone else run into a similar situation at all?  We can't identify why we cannot connect at all, as the setup is the same for all our other hosts.