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    Host OS USB disconnect on upgrading guest OS to High Sierra

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      Figured to finally run some tests with High Sierra (yeah late to the game, had some other priorities)

      So I set out to put a macOS Sierra VM on an external USB disk and began the upgrade process within that VM.


      About half way during the process I end up with the following screen:



      Don't be fooled by the Fusion icon, this is a guest OS that I also happen to run Fusion in for testing


      Will rerun this from a local disk now, but if needed I can rerun this as a test later on from USB.

      It should not be a hardware issue as I have used the USB disk to run guests from without issues in the past, but who knows.. figured to at least report that I bumped into this.


      After the above error I would only cancel (other options didn't work) and I was warned about that the disk might be corrupt.

      Don't worry I have backups


      Host OS: 10.12.6

      Hardware: mac mini 2014

      Fusion Tech Preview: Professional Version e.x.p (6048684)



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