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    Host Preparation Install Error

    POFIT Novice

      Dear All.

      I am going to configure NSX 6.3 on ESXI 6.5. 3 Clusters have been configured and running succesfully. But i click on the host preparation and try to install following error come.



      esxi-01.corp.local: Unable to access agent offline bundle at

      Cause : <esxupdate-response>


      <error errorClass="MetadataDownloadError">


        <errorDesc>Failed to download metadata.</errorDesc>



        <msg>('https://vca.corp.local:443/eam/vib?id=ecf4a884-c9f5-406c-b57e-75a6613a3651', '/tmp/tmpjnw369p9', '[Errno 14] curl#6 - "Couldn\'t resolve host \'vca.corp.local\'"')</msg>