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    Fat client times out where Web client doesn't

    Bruticusmaximus Novice

      We're having an issue in our DR environment connecting to virtual center (v6 VCSA).  The DR site is on its own network, with its own VC and domain controllers.  From the corporate office, we can get to VC with the fat client just fine.  Once we cut the link to the DR site and start working from there, the fat client times out but, the web client goes right in.  If we login with administrator@vsphere.local, it works fine so, I'm thinking this has something to do with authentication.


      What is different with authentication between the thick client and the web client?


      When we do a packet capture, we see the thick client going to several different DC's where the web client doesn't.  What controls this?  The utility VM we use at the DR site only points to the DC that is at that site.  Same thing for VC.


      If we change the timeout on the thick client to 300ms, it works.  Why doesn't the web client need such a high timeout value?