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    HOL request: vSAN / SRM HOL

    dzo Novice

      Hi folks,


      I would really like to see a HOL with vSAN and VR/SRM.

      The only current SRM lab is based on version 6 and has no SDS.

      As many blog posts exist over the value of this combination, a showcase would be great.


      Any chances that this might be deployed?



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          DougBaer Master
          VMware Employees

          Hi Dominik,

          The development cycles for Hands-on Labs occur twice a year: the big one for VMworld and then a smaller release around April, which we call our Spring Release. The labs are developed by volunteers within VMware and we only have so much of their time to use for creation of labs.


          There is a challenge with running VSAN in a nested environment -- we're effectively lying to VSAN by telling it that we have SSD devices when they're just VMDKs attached to a VM running ESXi. While this works to a point, there are limits to what we can do in the labs without suffering the consequences of our subterfuge.


          So, the short answer is that I would not expect anything until at least April, but I cannot guarantee anything.


          Thank you for the suggestion. I will pass your idea along to the team.