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    Display of vm state in vsphere webinterface is wrong

    Mangosniper Lurker

      Hi there,


      I have the following problem: When I shut down a VM the state shown in the vsphere web ui is wrong. You can see in the screenshot that the machine is displayed as online in the dropdown but as offline in the overview. But its not only a display error. I can not start the VM over the context menu in the drop down since its marked as already online there, so the start-item is grey.


      I have Version 6.0.0 Build 4514981, using Chrome, VM is Windows 8.1 with VMware-Tools installed. Any suggestions?


      PS: I had to choose an area where to post this discussion but most of them were greyed out, so I chose vSphere Host Client whereas I would have prefered something like vSphere Web Client?