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    SRM Protection group not enough licenses installed error

    jf0001 Lurker



      I need a bit of help with an SRM license problem on ESXi6.0 essentials please.


      I know this topic has various posts but nothing seems to quite maftch my exact problem. I come from a hyper-V background so am not a complete expert on this system so if any advice given I may need point by point instructions to get to things in vcentre.


      This system was working until I went to add another VM to our protection group today and got the error 'There are not enough Licenses installed'


      Checking my V-Centre servers shows I have an installed license for 25 VMs on the protected site and the Recovery site and they appear to show the correct servers as assets.


      I note though that both vcentre servers the licenses show 0 of 25 VMs in use where as the essentials license shows the correct CPU count etc.


      I have restarted both ends vcentre servers this morning and tried again but change. Oh and I only have 22 VMs currently on the SRM so should be within the license.


      I really don't know where to go at this point so any help greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.



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          jf0001 Lurker

          I've managed to fix it myself.


          I removed the SRM license from the protected site Vcentre server completely, readded it and assigned it to the Vcentre server again. This brought back the correct count of VMs in the SRM system but still wouldn't allow me to add my additional VM until I rebooted the Vcentre server.


          Now my only problem is that in my protection group  the newly added VM's status says Replication Warning and I can find no other references nor errors for it. I hate this VMWare stuff. It tells you nothing helpful.