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    ThinDirect IE11 - Thinapp 5.1.1

    Keerthi_Nandan Lurker

      We have a requirement, where Snipping Tool and Printscreen should be disabled when browsing a particular internal website. The browser installed in image is IE11. To programmatically disable Printscreen and snipping tool, we choose the option of Thindirect in conjunction with thinapp application (launch native ie with url along with  thinapp script to disable screen capture using the two tools and ). The thinapp application works as expected. When thindirect is implemented via GPO, it enters an infinite loop where redirection is invoked over and over again!


      The solutions mentioned before like include ThinDirect.txt with entry to the application and ThindirectWhitelistOnly=0 is attempted already, but in vain. The URL syntax is like *.mydomain.mychoice. Any suggestions on thindirect for IE11 using v5.1.1?