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    ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID (even after certificate import)

    phuz Novice

      Apparently I am doing something wrong still, because I have exhausted all methods I've found and I still get the:

      Your connection is not private



      I have gone into /etc/vmware/ssl and grabbed the .crt file and tried to import that into the Trusted Root Certificates for the "Computer Account" and I have also tried to export the certificate (.cer) from Chrome when going to my ESXi page.  However, I still get the error.


      My server's name is esxiserver.home and the certificate shows:

      Issued to: esxiserver.home

      Issued by: VMware installer

      Valid from: 9/13/2017 to 3/14/2029


      Any help appreciated.  I can still get to the site if I proceed to the unsafe site, but I'd like to remedy this annoyance.