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    Consolidating VCenter Server Appliance into singe Active/Passive VCSA v6.5 ?

    AlbertWT Master

      Hi All,


      I’d like to consolidate the VCenter server in my two different Data Center locations into just one as Active / Passive VCSA to reduce the operational maintenance cost.


      Data Center 1

      Vcenter server: VMware VCSA v6.5b

      18 ESXi 6.0 servers - 167 VMs

      normal vSwitches no dvSwitch


      Data Center 2

      Vcenter server: Physical Windows Server 2008 R2 & SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition.

      22 ESXi 5.5 servers - 200+ VMs

        • dvSwitch-PROD-NET [Production Corp network]
        • dvSwitch-VOIP-NET [Production Voice network]
        • dvSwitch-DMZ-NET [Production DMZ network]
        • dvSwitch-Test-NET [Testing Corp network]



      Would I be able to consolidate the two VCenter servers above into single Active/Passive VCSA v6.5 VM in Data Center 1 ?

      My Current link speed between the data center is around 50-60 ms when ping-ing each other.



      Any kind of help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.