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    ThinApp - Reading from real OS drive

    marcbnz Novice



      Please excuse me if this is a simple question with a simple answer - i'm attempting to tune an application by putting files onto where I'd execute the ThinApp from. - hoping capture a package that when the ThinApp is executed it is able to read from a file that's pre-seeded onto the real OS disk, example below :


      ThinApp capture is like below -
      c:\software\ini files\                     <- empty folder



      Real OS is like below -

      c:\software\ini files\sample.ini


      ^ so that when I execute the ThinApp the sample.exe software discovers and parses the sample.ini from the real OS disk, I've tried Merged mode (package and c:\software\ini files\) with no luck.


      Am i doing something silly here or is this not possible?