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    vCenter 6.5U1 VAMI API com.vmware.appliance.techpreview.networking.proxy

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      Anyone mess w/ the VAMI api for vcenter 6.5U1 using powershell?  Specifically looking for some direction on com.vmware.appliance.techpreview.networking.proxy (edited)


      it is techpreview, so expected issues, but always getting errors w/ `get` and unclear formatting for `configlist`


      error I get for `get`  `A server error occurred: 'com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.unauthorized': Unable to authorize user (Server error id: 'vapi.security.authorization.invalid'). Check $Error[0].Exception.ServerError for more details.`


      Even though I am authenticated via connect-cisserver.  Doesn't even matter if I'm accessing non-techpreview spaces.  Same error.



      To clarify, I have two issues:

      1. Authentication doesn’t appear to be functioning for me properly.   Getting unauthorized error even when properly authenticated.
      2. Proxy API not clear for me on how to define a simple IP address and port
        • Here is what I have so far:
        • $PodvCvAMI = Connect-CisServer $PodvCenterName -Credential $podvcenterRootCreds

        • $ProxyConfigAPI = Get-CisService -name "com.vmware.appliance.techpreview.networking.proxy"

        • $ProxyConfigSpec = $ProxyConfigAPI.help.set.config.CreateExample()

        • $ProxyConfigSpec.status = "enabled"
        • $ProxyConfigSpec.configList = @{"username"="test";"protocol"="http";"port"=3128;"server"=""}


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