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    Task scheduler

    rkrichevskiy Enthusiast

      I am a bit confused as to how task scheduler functions when appliance is set to UTC but client uses a different time zone (ET in my case). Everything in the client is indicative that it will use local time but the job that's set to reoccur weekly on certain days would kick off on UTC time.

      However, if I use no re-occurrence the job initiates on my local time.

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          igaydajiev Expert
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          Similar issue got reported recently and fix was implemented in vRO 7.3

          Here is  another thread for similar issue Scheduled Workflow Never Runs


          If I remember correctly issue was that in vRO Smart client in some places in UI was showing next execution time based on server  timezone or UTC and on some of them based on local client timezone.

          Fix introduced was  vRO server to use server timezone when running the scheduled task and vRO Smart client to convert scheduled task next execution times in local client time when visualizing it.

          So when creating patterns for execution they will be applied based on server timezone and vRO client will calculate them based on server timezone and when showing next execution vRO smart client will calculate  it based on server timezone and  then will convert it to local time before showing it.



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            rkrichevskiy Enthusiast

            Since 2015??!?!?

            Yes, that sounds like what I am encountering, currently on 7.2.1 in prod. I'll check it out on 7.3 Thanks for the tip.

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              I have just double checked and fix is not included in 7.3 but will be included in 7.4.